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“Suenan las Sirenas” Venezuelan Band Bituaya Launches New Single

“Suenan las Sirenas” Venezuelan Band Bituaya Launches New Single

The Venezuelan band Bituaya announced that a new single, “Suenan la Sirenas,” will be launched on November 26 as an introduction to their new album that may be released in January 2014, the press department of the Venezuelan arts collective Tiuna El Fuerte informed Monday.

“Suenan las Sirenas” (Sirens Sound) is an incandescent and vibrant single, with a radical lyric about the environment and the natural habit. “It’s a sort of ‘EcoSandunga’ that drags you away like a tsunami to the dance floor and immerses you to reflect on the future of the human species,” said Aquiles Rengifo and Piki Figueroa, leaders of the band

#SuenanLasSirenas is the hashtag already circulating in the social media to promote this new song.

Bituaya has toured several counties in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the United States in just three years, reaching great acceptance among the audiences for their contagious fusion of electrocaribbean rhythms. In Venezuela they have also become a reference of Caribbean urban music.

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Nota Importante: Nuestra compañía de distribución de la música es la gente, contamos contigo para que esto llegue a las radios de Venezuela!!

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